Eye Glasses and Contacts

Eye Glasses

You want glasses to look and feel great. Our Optical Department has a wide variety of frames for you to choose from. From bold and trendy to sophisticated and business-like, our styles are your style. Our staff will help you narrow down your choices so you can find the look, fit, and functionality you want from your eyewear. We also offer frames for children.

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Sunglasses are essential for preventing sun damage to your eyes; at the same time, they can improve your vision and help you make a unique fashion statement. Whether you wear single-vision or multifocal lenses, you’ll need protection from the sun’s damaging rays. We offer a variety of options for outdoor wear, including the brands listed below.

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Contact Lenses

Choosing contacts is about vision correction, comfort, and lifestyle. From colored contacts to contacts for astigmatism, there are contact lens brands and types to suit almost everyone.

Types of Contact Lenses

Choosing contacts might seem challenging, but you can relax. We know eyewear and we know the right questions to ask. Here’s a sampling of contact lens types:

  • Soft contacts are considered the most comfortable and are the most frequently prescribed type of contact lens. Soft contacts are available for all types of vision correction, including astigmatism and multi-focal needs. Wear them occasionally or every day. Some soft contacts can be worn overnight with doctor approval. Overnight soft contacts are available for an extra charge.
  • Extended-wear contacts can be worn overnight. There are two different types of extended-wear contacts–those that can be worn consecutively for up to six nights and those that can be worn for up to 30 nights. Extended wear contact lenses aren’t safe for everyone, and only a doctor can tell you whether you are safe to sleep in your contact lenses or not.
  • Daily disposable contacts (single use) can be worn for one day and then thrown away.
  • Color-changing contacts or color-enhancing contacts can change the appearance of your eye color or just enhance it. Colored contacts can be prescribed even if vision correction is not needed.

With a current Contact Lens prescription, you can order any contacts from us. We carry Air Optix Aqua and Bausch and Lomb Ultra in stock. If we do not have your contacts in stock we can get them in as little as 2-5 business days. Some advantages to ordering contacts from us are:

  • You may be able to receive them same day
  • We offer rebates
  • You can use your insurance allowance
  • For patients without insurance; we offer discounts for purchasing an annual supply of contacts
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